SENSA New Material Technology

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Thermal Insulation Products

It can be used in everything from designer fashions and outerwear to skiwear, hunting wear, gloves, footwear and headwear for many different consumers especially such as: miners and explorers working under extremely cold environment.

Acoustic Insulation Products

Main applications: all vehicles such as: cars, buses, CRH trains, yachts or even air planes. Besides, more and more used in auto retrofit market as well. Other applications: Home appliance, engine room, pump room, Karaoke room, refrigerator and office equipment, etc.

Air Filter Media

-Air filter equipment such as: ASHRAE filters, HVAC filters
-Clapboard filters or non-clapboard filters
-Dust/gas masks and aspirators
-Civil masks, Air purifiers

Liquid Filtration

Wide range of applications of 7S PP Meltblown for liquid filtration, such as: biomedicine, water treatment, beverage and brewery, chemical industry, electrical/electronic industry, etc.
7S Specialty PBT Meltblown can be widely used as the media of filters and oil/water separation, or even as air filter media under the hot condition.



Thermal Insulation | Acoustic Insulation | Air Filter Media | Liquid Filtration
SENSA New Material Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Qingpu Industrial Zone, Shanghai in 2012, with registered capital 30 million Chinese Yuan. Its management team has professional background and rich experience, it integrates the different technologies and market resources in the nonwoven industry. After years of hard work, it has gradually become a technology-based company. On the basis of melt blown, airlay, and spunbond processes, the team has made some new progress in nonwoven technical innovation since its establishment. It develops and produces a wide range of multi-functional nonwoven materials. which are widely used in automotive (and other transportation) industry, home appliances and air purification industry, fresh air filtration and liquid filtration industry, industrial thermal insulation, labor protection and other industries. Because of the unique characteristics, the materials have been widely recognized and praised in most application fields both in domestic and export market. The company has applied for about 30 patents and has been approved as a high-tech enterprise by the Chinese authorities.
It also pays much attention to external cooperation, obtains the guidance from the experts and universities all over the world, and carries out technical exchanges and market promotion with well-known enterprises at home and abroad. It serves as a probation base for college students.